The good news is YES you can run Golf Software products through your Surface RT by working in remote mode. This set up allows you access to your home computer anywhere you have WI-FI using your Surface RT.

You will need to have WI-FI, a home computer with the desktop program loaded, and your Surface Windows RT.



1. Load the free software TeamViewer onto your home PC (or where the League Manager, Handicap Manager, and / or Tournament Manager resides). Create an account.

          click here to access TeamViewer Website

2. Load the free Team Viewer app from the Windows Store onto your Surface RT.

         click here to access information website ... TeamViewer App

3. Run TeamViewer app and log into your home PC from anywhere you have a web connection.

There's a TeamViewer app for iPads and Android devices also if there are any customers looking for something that will work. The caveat, of course, is that you need to have a web connection to make the app work.

For additional information and questions please refer to the TeamViewer Website or your Windows Store.