The desktop editions of League Manager, Tournament Manager and Handicap System (LM, TM and HS) include a Backup and Restore feature. The Backup function creates a copy of your golf group's data - whether it be from LM, TM or HS - and saves it to the location you select: 1) Internet (our servers), 2) other media such as CD, flash drive, etc. or 3) the hard drive on your computer (which is not recommended as when your computer crashes, you will lose your program data as well as your backup files).

The Backup function can be used for data safekeeping as well as moving data from one computer to another. The Restore function allows copying the data - which resides in a Backup file - into your program in the event of loss or for the purpose of moving your data from one computer to another. The Restore function does not necessarily replace all of the current data in your program (LM, TM or HS). Please see What Happens in a Restore.

There are some instances in which you want to make sure that the Restore function copies the exact same set of data as you intended from a specific Backup file. For instance, if several of your group share Tournament Manager duties, moving the data between each using the Backup and Restore functions, and one of you deletes old tournaments, you want to make sure when the others Restore the Backup file from which the old tournaments have been deleted, that their Tournament Manager contains only the remaining undeleted tournaments after performing the Restore. Follow these steps to perform what we call a "Clean Restore" which completely replaces what is currently in your program (LM, TM or HS):

  1. In whichever program you have (LM, TM or HS) go to the left-most menu at the top ("Roster" for TM and HS; "League" for LM) and select "Backup and Restore" by clicking on it.
  2. When the Backup/Restore window appears, click on the "Restore data" tab on the green bar.
  3. Select the appropriate program data to Restore by placing a dot to the left of the program name.
  4. Select the location of the Backup file you are wanting to Restore by clicking "Disk" or "Internet".
  5. Keeping your Restore window open, press the Windows key and "E" key (see image below) to bring up your local hard drive's contents (Windows Explorer/File Explorer) and find and open the "Golf Management" folder (or whatever you named it upon installation) typically under the C Drive.

  6. In the Golf Management folder contents find and open the folder LMData for League Manager OR TMData for Tournament Manager OR HSData for Handicap System (i.e., if you're working with League Manger, leave HSData and TMData alone, if they are present in your Golf Management folder).

  7. With the appropriate folder (LMData, TMData OR HSData) open, delete all the contents* of the folder BUT NOT THE FOLDER ITSELF and close the Explore window. You should be back at your Restore window.

  8. Click on the "Restore" button.
  9. If you selected Internet as the location of your Backup file, you will be prompted for a password and after successful password entry will see your list of Backup files on our server.
  10. If you selected Disk as the location of your Backup file, you will see a new window through which you will find your local Backup file.
  11. Highlight the Backup file you want to Restore by clicking once on it and then clicking on the "Open" button.
  12. When asked whether you really want to Restore the backup file and replace your current data, type "yes" and click the OK button.
  13. You will be prompted when the Restore operation is finished and, at that point, you can close the Backup/Restore window.
  14. Your program (LMData, TMData OR HSData) will now have only the data included in the Backup file you chose to Restore.


* An easy way to delete the contents of a folder is to click once on one of the files in the folder and then press Ctrl-A (the Ctrl, or Control, key and the "A" key to select all). Once all files are highlighted, press the Delete key.