When you export a report or view from League Manager, Handicap System or Tournament Manager, the information is exported as text rather than numbers to Excel. You may, therefore, notice that things are not calculating as you expect.

Solution 1:

If you want to bring in "raw" data to Excel (not formated).
Click PRINT button, click Export button, drop save as box and select TAB Delimited.
Load this "*.txt" file into Excel...it is unformated "raw" data...numbers are numbers and text is text.

Solution 2:

You can also use the "Windows" standard keys to cut and paste.
In LM...on any report or view...click your mouse on a cell and drag to highlight the cells you wish to copy and press CTRL-C  (that is the CTRL and C key at the same time).  This info is copied into the Windows clipboard.  In EXCEL...press CTRL-V to paste the copied cells into Excel.
CTRL-C and CTRL-V are the standard Windows "copy" and "paste" commands...they work in virtually any Windows program.

For solutions after the data is already in Excel, please read this Microsoft knowledge base article, "How to convert text to numbers in Excel."