In answer to your question, any number of people can install the program for the purpose of running the software for one specific golf group or club...but only one person can run the software at any given time.

The software is much like a book.  You can give it to any number of people to read "install/run" but only one person can read the book at one time, then give it to another person to read.  Most leagues have a backup person(s) that run the league while the other is that case they install the program and restore a data backup given to them so they have exactly the same info on their computer as the person going out of town.  They run the league.... then when the other person comes back they backup the data so the returning person can restore this to his computer ....he then has everything that was done since he was gone back on his computer.

Our policy is no different than any other software company...For example if you buy Windows XP from Microsoft, each computer must have a licensed copy. One cannot install one copy on many computers and run the multiple copies simultaneously.

The software can be
installed on a local area network and run from any number of work stations.