If you cannot see the Help Manual for your software - this will be any software; not just ours - it is because you have the Help file installed on a network or shared drive other than your computer. There are three solutions for this below from easiest/quickest to more "hassle."

Option 1:

View the online version of the User Guide for your software:

League Manager  (Desktop)

Tournament Manager  (Desktop)

Handicap System   (Web Edition for Administrators)

Handicap System  (Web Edition for Players)

Website Builder

Signup Solutions

Backup and Restore Data  (for desktop software)

Option 2:

Copy the Help file from the shared folder or network drive to your computer. You will have to find tm.chm (Tournament Manager), League Manager.chm or Website Designer.chm in the "Golf Management" folder (or wherever you installed it) on the shared/network computer and copy to the desktop of your computer. Whenever you want to see the Help Manual, you will need to doubleclick on this icon rather than call it from within the program.

Option 3:

This option is only for advanced computer users...
Microsoft has released a Windows Critical Update, KB896358, which
effectively means that CHM files (your Help file) cannot be viewed on a network shared
folder. The solution is to add a MaxAllowedZone registry value and to
set it to at least 1, as this permits access to HTML Help files stored
both locally (Local Machine zone) and remotely (Local intranet zone).

Please download this zip file containing a reg file. If you want to apply this fix, open the zip file and double-click the
reg file and the setting will be added to your Registry.