Below are errors encountered by our customers and the associated solutions.

Error Code: Run time error 5
Cause: Program is still running while trying to download
Solution: Close program that is still running and then try downloading again.

Error Code: Run time error 9
Cause: subscript is out of range - serious data base error or corruption
Solution: Reinstall Program.  If this does not fix...send us a backup of data

Error Code: "Run-Time error '13', Type mismatch"
Cause: Regional Settings is set to comma rather than period.
Solution: Click START, Control Panel, Regional Options..Click Customize button. Set Decimal sysmbol to a . (period)  NOT comma. Click Apply..LM will now work.

Error Code: Run time error 6, 'Overflow'
Cause: Corrupted file somewhere 
Solution: Reinstall program

Error Code: Run time error 6: Overflow
Cause: Error 6 is corrupted data...a reinstall will not help. This may be caused by some sort of virus or malware corrupting the data.
Solution: If Tournament Manager will run and you can see the Roster but cannot load the "bad" tournament, create a new tournament and delete the "bad" one.

Error Code: Run time error 62: input passed end of file
Solution: Reinstall program

Error Code: Run time error 68: device is unavailable
Solution: reinstall program

Error Code: 70
Cause: file is marked "Read Only"

A file has inadvertently been marked "read only" or is "locked" by another program that is trying to open that file.

Solution: Reboot computer to see if that solves it. If not, reinstall golf program to see if that solves it.

Error Code: Runtime error 70
Cause: Permission denied in Vista or Windows 7.
Solution: Go into Vista's User Accounts and for your User Name for Security Settings uncheck UAC. (User Account Control)

In Windows 7, you may not have to completely turn off UAC.
To locate the controls, type 'User Account Control' (or UAC) into the Start menu or Control Panel search box.

If you move the bar to 'Never notify', you'll turn off UAC entirely. You may only need to lower it to resolve this run time error.
You'll need to experiment.

Many of our customers find the UAC to be valuable and may wish to turn it back on after they have published their website.

Error Code: Runtime error 75
Cause: Path/File access error

Usually see this problem when someone copies data files to a CDROM and then copies it back to the LM data directory.  Files copied to a CDROM are automatically set as READ only.  When LM tries to write new info to its data files the READ only property does not allow this...thus causes the program to fail.

Solution: Reinstall program.  Data folders have been moved or renamed. You need to turn off the READ only property on the data files.

You need to turn off the READ only property on the data files.

  1. Run Windows Explorer.  (Right click the mouse on top of the START button, and select EXPLORE on the menu.
  2. I will assume the program was installed in the default folder "C:\Golf Management".  Show the contents of the GOLF MANAGEMENT folder.
    There is a folder under this call LMDATA.  Show the contents of the LMDATA folder. 
  3. On the right side of Explorer click on any file in the LMDATA folder. 
  4. Pull down the EDIT menu and select "Select ALL".  All the files in the LMDATA folder will be highlighted.
  5. Pull down the FILE menu and select the option "PROPERTIES"
  6. The ATTRIBUTE .."READ-ONLY" should NOT be checked
Program should now work.

If not try RUNNING the SCANDISK to ensure no problems on the harddisk.
1.  Click START
3.  Click START to run scandisk.

Note:  If at all possible use our BACKUP / RESTORE utility to make backups. (In League Manager pull down the LEAGUE menu and select BACKUP to make a backup). Our backup utility will never make data files READ ONLY.

Error Code: 76: Path not found
Solution: Reinstall program

Error Code: Runtime error 380 with LM 7.x install
Cause: Turbo-Tax 2005

You most likely have installed Turbo Tax 2005,6,7 on your computer.

Turbo-Tax is the problem. League Manager version 2004, 2005/06, and 2007 have no problem.  Turbo-Tax damages version 7.x and corrupts the system registry, so a simple reinstall does not work.  You can try to uninstall Turbo Tax and then reinstall LM or roll back Windows XP to an install point before Turbo Tax was installed.  A number of customers have had success doing this.  The others upgraded to LM 200X version.

Check out our newest software versions.

Solution: Get newer version of golf software or uninstall Turbo-tax

Error Code: runtime error 429
Cause: Vista operating system gives this message on install of 2007 versions
Solution: click on "Ignore" button for each error message during installation