Here are some possible reasons that the registration code that you entered is not accepted:

  1. You may have installed the wrong program (If you purchased a CDROM, it includes other programs). Make sure you installed the program you intended to install.
  2. You may have installed another version of the program.  Each version has a different registration code. You can still run the program in TRIAL mode.
    *Run the program.
    *Click RUN as Trial.
    *Pull down the HELP menu and select ABOUT. Version number is there.
    *Make sure you have the latest version you have purchased. Discard old CDROMs (if applicable) to avoid confusion.
  3. You are typing the code in wrong. Type the entire code in..including the name (organization or your name) at the end of the code. Make sure your "Num Lock" key is on or try using the number keys at the top of the keyboard instead of the numeric keypad of your keyboard.