What's new in the November 10th release.

New look

Bigger buttons, more white space. Touch screen friendly!


Faster navigation

No more Edit or Delete icons.
Simply, click the item's link to edit or delete it.


To edit a course...click the course name.
To edit a score...click the score.
To delete a golfer..click the golfer name, then click the Delete button.


Customize your public golfer list
Show anything you wish on your golfer's public list. No log in is required to view this information.


Quick "Custom Course" Entry

Automatically saves the "Course not in list" so you can use it over and over again without retyping it in. Good for those that need to post scores to "special courses" that may have custom ratings and slopes not found in the global course library.


New Handicap Labels

Just like in the Desktop edition. Can be attached to plastic cards. 


What else
Miscellaneous fields are now common to all rosters.
When a signup is closed a golfer cannot unsign from the event.

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really like just about everything about the web site except the forum.

As I recall, it used to be real easy to just add something to the conversation.

Now you have to create a profile & password, log in etc., & we get very little use out of it because it is cumbersome for a lot of our guys.

Any chance it could be simplified?



I love all the changes and it is apparent that a lot of effort went into trying to fix issues and make the site mor euser friendly.  The only thing that still bugs me is that if you make a player inactive......why does he still show up on the automatic scheduler and the scordcards listing and the Player List/Results?  I we make him/her inactive it is because that are not playing that day, yet we will have to weed through all the names to put the correct information in so that the system corectly records al statistics?  Hopefully one day we will get that fixed because it screws up my scheduling every time.

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