Diagnose the Problem:

Sometimes when you print to our pre-printed scorecard forms, the result is not aligned correctly. You will find that this misalignment might be caused by...

  1. Horizontal and/or vertical settings are not quite right for your printer. Printed items are uniformly misaligned left to right and/or top to bottom. This means all the names along the left hand side are an equal distance from the top or bottom of the box they are in and/or the numbers (Hole, Yards, Par, Hcp) are equal distance from the left or right side of the box they are in. Please see Solution #1 below.
  2. A printer setting that either is scaling or printing it at a percentage other than 100% (this typically results in increasing vertical AND horizontal misalignment). Please see Solution #2 below.
  3. The rubber rollers in the printer may be old and dry, thus slipping (this typically results in vertical misalignment only). Clean rollers or have your printer serviced.
  4. There may be a printer setting for paper thickness. Use the correct thickness setting for the scorecard forms.
  5. Printer driver may not be up to date or corrupted. Please see Solution #3 below. This is a quote from a customer email: "After many hours of support calls [to printer company] it turns out the windows printer drivers on my machine were corrupted. It was effecting [sic] any printer I tried to use. We tested your cards on another machine using my printer and they were fine. I had to blow my machine away and reinstall Windows and now everything is fine. Sorry for the support call but this was a weird issue in Windows and no one can tell me how it happened."
The way to test for causes is to print the scorecard to plain paper and then hold it up with a blank pre-printed scorecard to a light for checking alignment. The names should appear in the same vertical location in each of the four boxes as you go from top to bottom and the numbers (Hole, Yards, Par, Hcp) should appear in the same horizontal position as you go from left to right (as you hold the plain paper and pre-printed form up to the light).

There may be more causes for misaligned printing on your scorecard forms, but those are the four issues to diagnose and then identify a solution.

Sample Problem:

Below is an example of a customer-scanned scorecard misalignment. The red arrows show you the direction in which successive printed items are moving. This is a printer scaling issue and you can fix it with Solution #2 below.

Solution #1:

There is an alignment tool when you set up the scorecard report. This can be used to fix vertical and horizontal alignment if a scaling issue is not indicated (see above). If your scorecard is printing at the correct scale, but is not aligning vertically or horizontally, move the sliders circled below.

Solution #2:

If you have a scaling problem where misalignment is increasing as you move away from the top left corner of the scorecard horizontally and vertically, then you must change a setting for your printer driver from within your Control Panel.

  1. Click on the Windows operating system Start button at the lower left of your screen
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. In the Control Panel find the Printer link in the Hardware section and click to open
  4. Right button click on the icon for your printer and select Printing Preferences
  5. Adjust the scaling (shown below)

Your printer may have the scaling feature on a different tab than shown below. It may also not have a scaling option. If your printer does not have a scaling option, you should call the manufacturer to see if there is a different printer driver that has the scaling option and if not, ask how to handle a scaling problem.

Solution #3:

Find the latest printer driver for your printer at the manufacturer's website and download it. For instance, if you have a Hewlett-Packard, go to www.HP.com.