Sometimes it helps to have a guideline that show you how to get started with something new. The following is a suggested sequence for learning and getting started with Handicap System. Of course you can pick and choose the items to best fit your specific needs.

Learn how to...

  1. Learn how to log in to Handicap System (online) - video.
  2. Find answers to your questions quickly by searching Solutions (knowledge base) or User Guide(s).
  3. Fill out your organization's vital information so Signups and other parts of the program work properly.
  4. Add multiple administrators with their own login ID and password. See Add / Edit / Delete an Administrator video.
  5. See How to Add and Edit a Roster to which golfers are added - video.
  6. Select courses your group plays in the included golf course database (or add the courses).
  7. Set up an automatic handicap calculation schedule. Watch How to Set Handicap Calculation Mode and Calculation Timing video.
  8. Input golfers manually or import an existing list - videos.
  9. Send an email to one, some or all of your golfers using pre-designed templates to provide them with their login information. Create your own email templates.
  10. Send your golfers the User Guide for players.

  11. Add / Post Scores to Handicap System Web Edition from an Administrators Perspective - video.
  12. Access Standard Reports in Handicap System Web Edition (video). Create a report of your own or customize an existing report to suite your needs better.
  13. Display Index, Factor or Cdex (see "Course Handicaps" sub-title) and up to six different Course Handicaps (see Step 7). Watch How to Set / Change your Course Handicaps video.
  14. Delete and store players for possible future restoration to the roster.
  15. Set up a clubhouse computer with Easy Entry for score input into Handicap System Online.
  16. Let golfers know about the available automatic reports.

  17. Let golfers know about apps for Androids & iPhones with User Guide.